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Welcome to my Web site!

This web is set up as an informal but factual personal view on "the good life living", gardening, growing, up-cycle, re-cycle, fix it, alternatives to what you may have learned or are doing and a look at some news web site you may not know about and then some others. 

Favorite Links

Some other news you may have missed

Here are a few links but more are listed.

bulletAdapt 2030
bulletRepublic Broadcasting
bulletIce Age Farmer

There are descriptions of the links on the Favorite Links page.

This site is under construction 

Here are some news site that are "the alternative", with articles that are probably not covered by your local, national news outlets.

Like alternative, or another way, we do come across things we don't always fall in line with but, don't throw out the baby with the bath water, stick around and see what else there is.

Photo Album

More great web sites and other news for you.

Take a look at my gardening, up-cycling, re- cycling and much more, comment and enjoy. Here are some other web sites and even TV programmers I watch and always watch, call me a TV addict?  not really, I just enjoy creative purposeful people doing their thing, enjoy the links.

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