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The author of this web site.

   I would like to point out that this site does Not Collect any Data about it's visitors, does not use any tracking cookies and does not offer any either.

   It's a one of a kind, not up to date kind of other modern web, no Facebook, Goggle analytics, Twitter or any other web bots, it's just an old fashioned web site built with Front Page 2001 and yes it can still be done.

   I put this web site together and will keep doing so, until some Looney takes offence in some way, to keep publishing the good human way of life, the do it you way, the freedom of each individual to grow, raise, make, and do it the way it's supposed to be done and not factory made, bought off a shelve and a mortgage against what you need, oh and speak out your given rights of "free speech".

   We are, as a humanity and co habitants of this great planet earth, coming into a another solar minimum, I don't know right now if this is going to be another ice age or another minimum, but I have been assured it will be a minimum that could last for around 50 years of plant growth cycles that in the past did vary in crops, starvation and life expectancy, look at historical records if you can still find them, these are being removed for your historical conveyance, get to know what to buy for long time storage, how to sow, plant and grow when the temperature gets under your normal where you are, but if you are in a favorable climates, which is changing day by day, the learn how to share and get your community surviving this GSM Grand Solar Minimum.



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