Gerald Massey


Gnostic and Historic Christianity   
by Gerald Massey
Published in the 1900's

This is a remarkable book and a real eye-opener, 26 pages

"Historic Christianity has gathered in the crops that were not of its kind, but were garnered from the seed
already in the soil. Whosoever tilled and sowed, it has assumed the credit, and been permitted to reap
the harvest, as undisputed master of the field. It claimed, and was gradually allowed, to be the source of
almost every true word and perfect work that was previously extant; and these were assigned to a
personal Christ as the veritable Author and Finisher of the Faith. Every good thing was re-dated, rewarranted,
declared, and guaranteed to be the blessed result of Historic Christianity, as established by
Jesus and his personal disciples. It can be demonstrated that Christianity pre-existed without the
Personal Christ, that it was continued by Christians who entirely rejected the historical character in the
second century, and that the supposed historic portraiture in the Canonical Gospels was extant as
mythical and mystical before the Gospels themselves existed. In short, the mythical theory can be proved
by recovering the Mythos and the Gnosis."


Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World
A Work of Reclamation and Restitution in Twelve Books
by Gerald Massey

It may have been a Million years ago
The Light was kindled in the Old Dark Land
Within which the illumined Scrolls are all aglow,
That Egypt gave us with her mummies hand :
This was the secret of that subtle smile
Inscrutable upon the Sphinx's face,
Now told from sea to sea, from isle to isle ;
The revelation of the Old Dark Race ;
Theirs was the wisdom of the Bee and Bird,
Ant, Tortoise, Beaver, working human-wise ;
The ancient darkness spake with Egypt's Word ;
Hers was the primal message of the skies:
The Heavens are telling nightly of her glory,
And for all time Earth echoes her great story.

To all dear lovers of the truth the writer now commends the verifiable truths that wait for recognition in
these pages.

Truth is all-potent with its silent power
If only whispered, never heard aloud,
But working secretly, almost unseen,
Save in some excommunicated Book;
'Tis as the lightning with its errand done
Before you hear the thunder.


This is a very deep read and detailed so be patient with learning and give time to research the who is who mentioned, it is 703 pages of great reading and learning.



"don't be silent when evil is spoken as truth"

   3rd tablet from the emerald tablets of Thoth
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