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 New Zealand Certified & Registered Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper, Dip: Accounting, Cert: Property & LTC Taxation.

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Practical Accounting and Bookkeeping.

I can only offer a limited amount of advice here and if you need further information then please contact me using the contact page.

Hopefully, you will have already started collecting and collating all your transactions and either have them on file, be it stand alone software like I use, or have access to your file online and have a sound knowledge of the principles and practice of accounting and bookkeeping well in hand.



The software question and a solution

Accounting software, which package do you use?  There are two very popular programmers out just now and probably most people who are reading this are using one or the other, but just in case you don't, here are a few suggestion and alternatives you may want to consider, please read the news page.

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