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The Kybalion
The Pymander
The Emarald Tablets
Gerald Massey

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So much has been lost and some truths, if you like, deliberately hidden from mankind.  A history rewritten and the future pre-destined according to will.  As the saying goes, "if you know the past, you should know the future", but also, "If I wrote the past, then I can also write the future, according to what I tell".

How much of the past did we lose?  With the destruction and burring of the library at Alexandria and the book burring that went on throughout history it's of little wonder we have much left, save for the library at the Vatican, to which we have no access, and I may just add that I think that is where most of the Alexandrian books went, hidden from mankind for the reasons we are becoming all to aware of today.

So I wont write on to much regarding what may have been taken, lost or deliberately destroyed, only to say that what we have got and what is coming to the surface today is better than what we had only a few short years ago.


"don't be silent when evil is spoken as truth"

   3rd tablet from the emerald tablets of Thoth
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