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Software, Solutions and the questions, which is best and what really should I be using?

If you are out and about, constantly billing, using online banking, then yes, use the online system for invoice's, banking and tax payments, but however if you, like myself, still like to use an offline and at home form of accounting and bookkeeping and keep your accounts close to home, then keep reading.

As said. how you do your own accounting and the methods is really up to yourselves and so if you are happy and the shoe fit's, then keep it as it is, there is sometimes no point in changing horses in midstream, as the saying goes, but here is where my own personal views may just get you to look at other options and methods.

Some, like me still like to keep it simple, excel, short column paper, notes and some paperwork and that to me, if you are in a home business is just about where it should be, but however as you and your business grows accounting can get overwhelming and yes the software comes in but, knowledge and use of the principals and how accounts work together may just seem overwhelming and mistakes can be costly.

Corrections, and here is where the costs come in.

Management Accounting generally detailed and deals with production, on say, the factory level of, manufacturing, this accounting deals with the very detailed system of, how much does it cost to make this Widget? (I hate widget's, I prefer cornflakes), the details of this are not going to be included on this website and with good reasons, it's out of the scope of this web and for good reason, but here I will finish off with this,, whichever platform of accounting and bookkeeping you have chosen, make sure you know the Principal and Basics of Accounting Practice.

Your costs could not just be to your Accountant and Bookkeeper but also you Tax during and throughout the year.

Get your knowledge of Accounting and Bookkeeping Principals correct first before you endeavor to do this by yourselves, You tube and online is good but remember, sound knowledge and practice makes good in the end, more later.




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