The Pymander



The Divine Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus

The glory and splendour of Philosophy, is an endeavouring to understand the chief Good, as the

Fountain of all Good: Now how can we come near to, or find out the Fountain, but by making use of the

Streams as a conduct to it? The operations of Nature, are Streams running from the Fountain of Good,

which is God. I am not of the ignorant, and foolish opinion of those that say, The greatest Philosophers

are the greatest Atheists: as if to know the works of God, and to understand his goings forth in the Way of

Nature, must necessitate a man to deny God. The [Job 38 ] Scripture disapproves of this as a sottish

tenet, and experience contradicts it: For behold! Here is the greatest Philosopher, and therefore the

greatest Divine.

Read understandingly this ensuing Book (and for thy help thou mayest make use of that voluminous

[Hanbal Offeli Alabar] Commentary written upon it ) then it will speak more for its Author, than can be

spoken by any man, at least by me.

Thine in the love of Truth,




The Pymander

"don't be silent when evil is spoken as truth"

   3rd tablet from the emerald tablets of Thoth
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